People don’t buy products and services, they buy benefits and experiences

If you are selling a product (or service), you are probably going about it wrong. People dont actually want or care about your product (or service). They only want what your products can do for them. You could ask..

  1. Does it solve their problem?
  2. Does it fill a void in their lives?
  3. Does it offer a unique experience they can’t get (or find) elsewhere?

All in all, does it help them become a better version of themselves?

Your customers aren’t buying your product, they’re buying a better version of themselves. So, don’t sell them the product, don’t talk about the features, sell them on the benefits.

Who can I become as a result of using your product? What would my life look like? Paint that picture. Help me imagine it. The sales will follow.

05. June 2016 by Kunal Punjabi
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