Good Webpage Design: The only 2 things that matter

A good webpage very clearly (and simply) conveys your product’s (or service’s) value proposition with a strong call to action. The first step in designing a webpage should involve identifying what the desired user action(s) are.

For every desired user action, the only 2 KPIs that matter are:

  1. Number of clicks to get the user to his or her desired result(s)
  2. Aggregate Click through Rates to your desired destination(s), like landing pages, search results pages, etc.

Everything else:

  • Persuasiveness of your microcopy
  • Animations, parallax effects, etc.
  • Fonts / Colors
  • Imagery and Visuals

should support one of the 2 metrics above. If they don’t, they’re a distraction – ditch them.


04. April 2014 by Kunal Punjabi
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